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Made from softwood PAR these simple triangular shelf units are intended for wall mounting and are an ideal way to display small curios, crystals and other items. Triangles without middle shelf are available in a range of sizes.

Triangle softwood display shelf

Small triangular wall display shelf


Set of three triangles without middle shelves in graduated sizes

Prices - please see Price List A

General stock reference (Stock A5B3)

Wall shelf

Small wooden triangular display shelf
Constructed from whitewood (softwood spruce etc) and of nailed / screwed construction
Standard shelf is untreated and unpainted but has been given a light sanding all round.
Suitable for displaying small knick knacks, curios, crystals etc

Dimensions approx (external)
Width ~450mm (~17.75")
Height ~390mm (~15.5")
Depth ~94mm deep (~3.75")

Thickness of timber varies, generally ~17-22mm

For indoor use as a small display shelf

This item is constructed from new PAR whitewood timber although it may still have the occasional rough edge or splinter plus knots and markings. This is new, not reclaimed timber. Please note that over time and use, and according to environment, boards may twist, warp and split. This item is supplied unfinished, ready for preparation and finishing with your chosen paint or stain, or it can be left as is

Triangle shelf

Softwood display shelf. Standard triangle with middle shelf.

Softwood Triangles

Set of three triangles without middle shelves in graduated sizes

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