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These boxes can be constructed from PAR softwood whitewood or redwood and have a number of possible storage uses.

Softwood small storage trays / boxes

Small softwood storages boxes / trays / bins

Softwood small storage trays / boxes

Softwood small storage trays / boxes

Softwood small storage trays / boxes

4x small wooden storage troughs / trays
Constructed from PAR (planed all round) whitewood (softwood spruce etc) and of glued & screwed construction.

Internal dimensions of each tray approx
~350mm long (~14")
~95mm wide (~3.75")
~75mm deep (~3")

Approx 2.25l capacity per trough

Thickness of timber varies, generally ~15-20mm

Supplied with a light sanding and untreated. For indoor, garage, greenhouse or shed use. Ideal for storing small tools, brushes, pencils, utensils, paint tins, craft materials etc. These are essentially made in the same manner as our small rustic planters but do not have feet or drainage holes. As such, if lined with plastic or tin-foil they can also be used to hold small plant pots on a windowledge.

This item is constructed from new PAR softwood timber which may still display waney edging, large splinters, knots, splits and markings. This is previously unused, not reclaimed timber. Please note that trough trays are of basic style and will have flaws including splinters, knots, splits, gaps, protruding screw heads, warping, marks etc. Over time and use walls of tray may warp and split.

This item is supplied with a light sanding and unvarnished, ready for preparation and varnishing / painting, or can be left as is.

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